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Let us build your Amazon brand. The right way.

You may have the money and passion to start (or scale) your business but lack time or expertise to do it at the highest level. That's where our Black Panther service excels.

60,000+ Sellers have achieved $1,000,000+ in sales on Amazon.

Building a business by selling your own branded products on Amazon is our #1 business model in the U.S.

Amazon will sell $743 BILLION in products in 2023, and 60% of those sales will come from independent sellers.


We turn your business goals into a reality.

We help hard working individuals and families start their own e-commerce brands using the effectiveness and efficiency of Amazon.

We make products come to life, and handle every step of the process of designing, sourcing, shipping, and creating your own store on

When we're finished you'll have a fully operating business you can scale using this most efficient business model in the world.

We can do full product concepts, including CAD and other manufacturing required drawings. Our program is customizable to your needs.

Already have an Amazon brand?

No problem! Our Black Panther service can launch your next product, audit your current brand, manage your account, run your PPC, and more. Apply now learn about custom program pricing for existing brands!


Black Panther Services

Product Ideation

We will do all the research for you to find your next top product. We'll deliver the market reports and research to back up our findings so you can feel great about the product selling on Amazon and other platforms.

Supplier Sourcing

We'll find a trustworthy supplier to make your product at the highest possible quality. We'll handle all the negotiations and language barriers to get the best possible pricing from suppliers all over the world.

Branding & Product Dev

We'll develop a full branding kit and product designs for the factories. This includes the logos, graphics, product drawings, packaging, and any other materials your brand will need to get the product launched.

Shipping and Logistics

We'll organize all the shipping from the factory to upstream warehousing or Amazon directly. This includes 3rd party inspections, freight forwarding, and customs clearance.

Photography & Store

We'll get top quality product and lifestyle photos for your product listing, A+ content, and marketing materials so you can stand out from the competition and increase your conversion rate.

Advertising & Optimization

We'll set up all your Amazon PPC advertising campaigns, and even manage them if you want us to. We'll also optimize and improve your listing as data suggests and even help with initial reviews!

Let us create and launch your brand.

I will be your "General Contractor" to guide our team of e-commerce experts to build everything for you from start to finish and establish the supply chain so it's a seamless transition for you to take over.

And then we'll teach you how to run it.

Who am I?

Meet Your General Contractor.

Andy (and Taylor) Isom

Alongside our business partners Cameron and Ashley, my wife (Taylor) and I built a multiple 7-figure brand on Amazon in less than 3 years.

The business allowed us to quit jobs, pursue other passions, and improve our quality of life.

Since starting our own brand in 2018, I have helped hundreds of people launch their own brands on Amazon through my #1 ranked podcast "Selling on Amazon with Andy Isom" as well as through my Piranha, Anaconda, and Jaguar Amazon programs.

Now we're ready to take things to the next level with Black Panther.

Why Black Panther?

Our highest level program

Hands off.

Expert execution.

We've personally seen dozens of people build successful brands on Amazon on their own using our Piranha, Anaconda, and Jaguar programs.

But we've also seen hundreds more struggle to get things right!

You can read, watch, or even talk to an expert to learn how to do something. But it's another challenge altogether to replicate it for yourself.

Let our team of experts execute each step of the Amazon FBA process for you while you sit back and relax!

Buying vs Building...

A common question we hear in the industry is, "Should I buy an existing brand or try to build my own?..."

Here are a few Pros and Cons to each business decision.


  • Pro: Established brand. You know what you're getting.

  • Pro: You can see the financial history. Revenue, expenses, profit.

  • Pro: You can make educated forecasts for future performance based on past results.

  • Con: The branding and product may not be interesting to you.

  • Con: You wish the brand name, designs, or products were done differently. (Think buying a house vs building one)

  • Con: You could pay 2.5-4x EBITA to acquire an existing brand.

This means it could cost you $300,000 up front to buy a brand making just $5,000/month in profit.


  • Pro: You have a say in the brand and product development.

  • Pro: You can build something your way that's exciting and fun for you.

  • Pro: You may only pay $30,000 - $50,000 up front to build your own six or seven figure brand.

  • Con: There is always a little risk involved with proving your product in the marketplace.

  • Con: Most people don't have the skillset or experience to build a high quality brand themselves. (Why most people shouldn't build their own houses either.)

You trade the HIGH cost that you would have to pay (to buy an existing brand) for the risk of creating a product that you haven't sold yet.



The "$weet Spot"

This is where Black Panther shines.

Most people can't afford (or shouldn't buy) a $300,000 brand they aren't passionate about.

Most people also shouldn't try to build a brand and sell a product all by themselves.

It's the same concept of buying an old house you don't love, building a house by yourself, or paying someone who knows how to build houses to build one for you.

With Black Panther, you're not "buying an old brand" and you're not "building one yourself". You're "buying someone to build one for you."

This is the "$weet Spot" as we like to call it!

Buying an old brand (or house) doesn't come without risk! It could be old, breaking down, outdated, bland, boring... And building a brand (or house) yourself may "save you money" up front!!! But you pay for it with hours and hours of labor, mistakes, errors, (injuries maybe), and REGRET!


Let us do it for you.

Want us to run your business?

We can do that too!

Our Black Panther program is customized to your needs and business goals! If you just want us to find a product, design it, design your brand, take care of the creative, listing, and setup we can.

If you'd like us to manage your account moving forward including inventory re-ordering, PPC management, account health, customer service, or anything else so you can sit back and relax...

Apply for the program and let us know what you're looking for!


It will work.

We don't like the idea of "throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks."

That's messy. And I've never heard of anyone actually doing that because that would be weird...

We're more into "throwing darts at the dartboard to get the highest score we can."

We know how to "throw darts on Amazon". We've thrown a lot. And coached a lot of people to throw darts.

We will throw a dart (your product) that will stick (sell on Amazon).


If your product does not sell, we'll buy back all your inventory and refund all the money you invested in us back to you. Terms and conditions apply. You'll have full transparency of what's expected before joining the program.

We can't guarantee a million dollar product just like I can't guarantee I'll throw a bullseye on every "real" dart throw. But we will go for the highest score we can!

Lifetime Support

Full-Access to our Coaching Programs.

Following the launch of your brand, you'll get lifetime access to our Anaconda coaching program which includes:

• Membership in our Private Facebook Group.

• Access to Andy's Weekly Live Q&A Zoom call.

• Access to our full online video course.

• Access to our full Q&A video library.

You'll have all the training and support you need moving forward to run your brand and business and continue to launch new products!

How much? 💵

What is the investment to join Black Panther?

Program pricing is customized to your wants, needs, and goals.

And obviously your budget...

You will need at least $30,000 in cash or outside financing to qualify for this program. If this isn't realistic for you, we strongly recommend looking into our other programs Piranha, Anaconda, and Jaguar for help that fits your budget!

We do not offer financing through our programs but payment plans are available by discretion.

How you save.💰

What if you did this on your own?

The average person takes 8-10 months to launch their first product on Amazon.

If you worked for an hour per day on your business you would spend roughly ~260+ hours to get your first product launched.

Depending on how you *value your time...

You could spend $15,600+ in just your time working on starting the business.

*$120,000 yearly salary / 50 weeks working / 40 hours per week = $60/hr

Our goal is not only to save you TIME and MONEY, but to execute each step of the process at the highest level that you could not do on your own.

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