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How I Sold Over $1,740,000 in Just 1 Year on Amazon With $354,081 in Profit

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This is my most popular and best selling package of resources to help you start your own brand on Amazon.

You may still have a lot of questions about an Amazon business...

The Piranha pack was designed to answer your questions now and the ones you haven't thought of yet...

"I'm not quite sure if I want to do this business yet..."

You'll know the realistic expectation for this business as well as why you should or should not get started with an Amazon business.

"I have no idea where to start or what to sell..."

With my 30-min for 30-days roadmap you'll know exactly what to do from day 1 all the way to day 30 and beyond. The best part is that you can do every step-by-step daily process in just 30-minutes.

"I don't know what to expect or how difficult this really is..."

My Zero to $1 Million E-Book explains our entire Multi-Million Dollar brand strategy with 80+ simple to follow lessons. You'll learn everything from how to pick products, find suppliers, ship your inventory, and sell and scale on Amazon!

"I don't know if I have the skills or experience to do something like this..."

This pack was designed to not only help YOU develop the skills you need, but also understand what steps of the business process are going to be best for you to outsource to make this business as stress free as possible.

"How much time and money will this take to actually make money doing this?..."

We keep it real at AMZ with Andy Isom. Our Piranha pack will lay it all out for you so you know not only how much time you should be dedicating each day to your business, but also realistic timelines for actually making money and income from your business.

The content and knowledge you'll gain from this package is EASY to consume and QUICK to reference when you need it!

We've sold over 500 copies of our Piranha package resources with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

If you want a simple blueprint for building a successful brand on Amazon without making the costly mistakes, this is for you.

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We sold around $1,740,000 in 2022 with about $354,081 in profit. We continue to grow and scale our own brand and products on Amazon and I explain exactly how we are doing that in Piranha so you can mimic our strategy.

Here's just a few of the dozens of people who have started their own brands on Amazon

following my strategies taught in Piranha.

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You're going to get the best strategy and content for starting your own brand on Amazon for the best price in an easy to consume written format.

Let's see what's included in Piranha...

What's Included:

99 Product Ideas List

99 profitable product ideas that I have personally researched on Jungle Scout. Save yourself hours of researching and looking for a great product idea. Feel free to take any of these, make it your own, or use the list to help get your wheels turning to come up with even better ideas!

30-Minutes for 30-Days Roadmap

You'll get my simple, easy to follow, roadmap to help you get started in your first 30-days. You'll know exactly what to do, with prompts, as well as relevant podcast episodes to review to execute the strategy even better!

ZERO to $1 Million

This is my best selling E-Book with 80+ lessons that we learned building a brand from zero to $1,000,000 in sales.

Check below for the full table of contents.

Course Worksheets

You'll get 11 of my course worksheets that are normally part of my full Anaconda package which includes my 24-week video course.

Use the worksheets to organize ideas, numbers, and strategy for your business!

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Let's Review!

  • 99 Product Ideas List. Our vetted and researched list of profitable product ideas. A great place to start and get the product idea wheel turning.

  • 30-Minutes for 30-Days Roadmap. An extremely simple yet effective way to spend your first 30-days building your Amazon business. You only need to spend 30 minutes per day to make drastic progress.

  • Zero to $1 Million E-Book. Our complete 80+ lesson digital book with everything you need to know about starting, launching, and growing your own brand on Amazon. The perfect written companion to my podcast "Selling on Amazon with Andy Isom". The #1 resource guide on the market today!

  • AMZ with Andy Isom Course Worksheets. Download my top worksheets to help you build your brand on Amazon that students in my Anaconda program get access too!

  • 🔥BONUS: 50% OFF Jungle Scout Software. We've partnered with the #1 Amazon Private Label software in the world to give you access to incredible savings and discounts. This tool is critical to your success on Amazon.

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